Who said taking a risk was never important?

“Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.” – Ray Bradbury

                                  Kevin Baloyi looking at the sunset, Cape Town

The above quote is very powerful and meaningful to me. It explains my life in the current situation. Growing up, I was afraid of taking risks because I thought I would fall and hit my head on the ground so hard and never get back up again. I was more concerned about what people were going to say, rather than thinking about my needs and growth. I prioritized other people’s happiness and forgot about mine. I never wanted to fail because I did not want to disappoint people that look up to me. Hence, I never took risks. I always chose the easy ways to be safe all the time.

I decided to jump off the cliff, as I am confident that on my way down I will build my wings, as God will be with me. As I jumped off, I experienced the winds and the storms that were not so comfortable. The dust that was carried by the winds interfered with my eyes but I told myself that I will never let these challenges stop me from building the wings that I desired. I never lost the focus because I was following the vision that I saw.
What am I saying? I have decided to leave my comfort zone. In 2018 I will be living in Polokwane, which is far from my life (family and friends). I decided to explore the world, try and learn the hard way, where I will be challenged because I will be independent. I will be in a foreign place where I know that I will grow personally and professionally.


The reason why I decided to take this challenge is that I want to experience a different environment. I’ve been at the LEAP Science and Maths Schools all my life, from when I was still a student then later joined the Internship Program called the ‘Future Leaders Program’. I got an opportunity to be an intern teacher at Mitchell House, where I will be teaching English and IT in the Intermediate Phase. I will be organizing Outreach Programs for adults, assist with the computer club and coach soccer.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I was not going to let it slip away. Who would? It is going to be a challenge, that I know, but I am ready to take up that challenge. Life is about making sacrifices and challenging yourself. That’s how one learns and grow. I want to thank God for such divine opportunities. If it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t be this far.
                        Kevin Baloyi with hands wide open, symbolizing freedom.


Author: Kevin Baloyi

Kevin Baloyi was born and bred in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa. After graduating from the LEAP Science and Maths School and following a gap year, Kevin joined the Future Leaders Program in 2014 with plans to become a teacher. He is currently working at LEAP in Johannesburg as a student teacher and is a student at the University of South Africa studying for his Bachelors of Education. Kevin was part of a select group of teachers-in-training who traveled to the U.S. in 2016 as a part of a Global Teachers Institute and Teach WIth Africa exchange program studying schools and programs in California. Kevin is passionate about Education and Technology and has taught himself many technology strategies that he plans to incorporate in his teaching. Kevin presented at the AXIS Summit in July 2016, about the importance of the objectives concerning the lesson plan. He was also part of the EdTech Summit Africa in 2016 as a presenter, talking about the Millennial Generation and Game-Based Learning. He recently started a production business, designing logos as well as taking and editing videos.

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