YOLO – You Only Live Once

Do you want to succeed? Take a look at these four points and trust me, you will never go wrong:

  1. Eliminate excuses – stop distributing your excuses to everyone else. Reduce your excuses and maximize your actions.
  2. Do not feel like the world owes you. The world owes you nothing – stop blaming your parents for your career.
  3. Stop blaming your circumstances and practice self-control – look at people like Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela. They never lost focus on their vision. They never let their circumstances affect their future. You are also human like them, you can do it.
  4. Become your own hero, inspiration and competition – Do not compete with other people because you do not know what their vision is. Focus on your own vision and compete with the man on the mirror and trust me, you will never fail.



Author: Kevin Baloyi

Kevin Baloyi was born and bred in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa. After graduating from the LEAP Science and Maths School and following a gap year, Kevin joined the Future Leaders Program in 2014 with plans to become a teacher. He is currently working at LEAP in Johannesburg as a student teacher and is a student at the University of South Africa studying for his Bachelors of Education. Kevin was part of a select group of teachers-in-training who traveled to the U.S. in 2016 as a part of a Global Teachers Institute and Teach WIth Africa exchange program studying schools and programs in California. Kevin is passionate about Education and Technology and has taught himself many technology strategies that he plans to incorporate in his teaching. Kevin presented at the AXIS Summit in July 2016, about the importance of the objectives concerning the lesson plan. He was also part of the EdTech Summit Africa in 2016 as a presenter, talking about the Millennial Generation and Game-Based Learning. He recently started a production business, designing logos as well as taking and editing videos.

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