The Sky Is Not The Limit

ETSA Team – God’s Window, Mpumalanga

The sky is not the limit, your attitude is.  Once you discover who you are, you will start doing certain things and stop doing other things. Your lifestyle changes. Your environment changes. Why? Because you want to accommodate the new person that you have discovered inside of you.

it is important to know who you are. Your purpose matters. Once you know what your purpose is, your life will take a different direction. The word of God says, in the book of Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” God has a plan for each and every individual living on earth. You can plan all you want but God’s purpose will prevail.

You should be vision driven and fulfill your vision because at the end of the day you will stop working for the vision and the vision will work for you. You will stop following the vision because the vision will be following you. Open your eyes and discover what your purpose is. What drives you? What are you passionate about? Do you know your purpose? Those are the questions you should ask yourself in order for you to succeed.

Never thought I was gonna be here today

I remember my first day like it was yesterday. Monday morning, 15 January 2001, was the greatest day of my life. I remember waking up at 4 am and wanted to go to school immediately. I knew that I was called for Education. I’m an aspiring teacher – Global Minded Educator today because I knew my purpose from a very young age.  Know your purpose and have a vision. You will never go wrong.

(Kevin Baloyi, age 5 – first day at school)

Aspiring Greater Heights

“I chose Education because I want to change the world!” – Kevin Baloyi


Global Minded Educators is a non-profit organization empowering educators in Africa. Global Minded Educators seeks to reduce the planted inequities in the societies by working to provide access to quality education in order to transform children’s lives, schools, and communities.


To transform the education system globally.


To facilitate workshops, yearly summits and other experiences that help create an expansive community of practice with educators that are dedicated to transformative education. Offer professional development sessions around the Africa. Connect educators globally through social media and other platforms.


We want to remind the educators that they have an important role to play in the children’s lives. We are raising a global-minded generation that wants to change the education system worldwide.

As I move forward …

I believe in individuals and I want to see the best in each of them. I have decided to deliver keynotes, professional development to educators that need to spread their wings and  fly. I want to connect students and educators all around the world through possible social media. I want them to share ideas, do a cultural exchange and hopefully do exchange programs where students and teachers from Africa go to the UK or the US and vice verse.

Technology was designed for us to use it in our best potential so I want to take advantage of it and direct it in this direction.


Sharing about the EdTech Summit Africa at The Global Education Conference

I am honored to share about the EdTech Summit Africa on the Global Education Conference. It is important to share what you have learned with the rest of the world because at the end of the day you change someone’s perspective on Education. I am a Global-Minded Educator because I see education beyond a classroom, a pen, and paper.


Here’s more info from the Global Ed Conference 2016 site:

The Global Education Conference (GEC) is a collaborative and world-wide community convening designed to significantly increase opportunities for globally-connecting educators and programs. Our primary event seeks to present ideas, examples, and projects related to connecting educators and classrooms with a strong emphasis on promoting global awareness, fostering global competency, and inspiring action towards solving real-world problems. Through this conference and associated events, attendees will challenge themselves and others to become more active citizens of the world. Participants are encouraged to learn, question, create, and engage in meaningful, authentic opportunities within a global context!

The Global Education Conference welcomes participants from all over the world and encourages presentations in any language. Training is provided in the conference platform, Blackboard Collaborate, and presenters are encouraged to take ownership of the presentation process when scheduling and promoting their sessions. The purpose of this event is to elevate and empower presenters to share their knowledge with a global audience.

We have partnered this year with iEARN to host their annual conference and youth summit in tandem with the Global Education Conference. iEARN typically hosts their conference in various conferences, but for logistical reasons, they’ve held it online twice with the GEC.

Additionally, the Global Education Conference Network organizes three other events. See for more details.

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